Modern Wedding Cakes – Choosing the Right One For Your Wedding


Modern wedding cakes can bring a touch of sophistication to your wedding, but you want one that will fit in with the theme of your wedding. This article will discuss the various options available to you.

If you are having a moreĀ traditional wedding then you couldĀ go for a modern twist on a traditional cake, dispensing with some of the over the top icing and decorating it in a more contemporary style.

Depending on how themed your wedding is, the cake could become the centrepiece of the day. For example, if you were particularly into a hobby such as golf, you might have a cake based on that, or you could have a cake made in the shape of a boat if you were interested in sailing.

If you are going to get a unique cake designed for your wedding, then it’s important to make sure you know exactly what you want the cake to look like before commissioning it, although if you’re that into the theme, chances are you already do! You must also bear in mind a one-off creation such as this is likely to cost more than one that a cakemaker has in the repertoire.

Modern wedding cakes give the opportunity to go bolder, using bright colours or contrasts to create a much more striking cake than one might expect at a more traditional wedding. Brighter colours can also mean a simpler design, and this might reduce the cost of the cake if you are on a budget but want something a bit different or special!

On the cost theme, a minimalist cake could reduce the price of the cake, as it might make use of contrast to make the cake stand out, such as black against white, rather than complicated fondant decoration. This reduces the time the cake maker will need to spend decorating the cake, which should in turn reduce the cost (the cake maker doesn’t work for free!)

Choosing the right modern wedding cakes for your wedding is important to compliment your wedding, whether that be on a specific theme, or something elegant to add that extra touch of class. Before you get your mind set on a cake design it is important to discuss with a cake maker what is possible in terms of design within your budget so that you avoid overspending that is so easy to do on your big day!


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