Salon Services That Make a Bride Feel More Beautiful on Her Wedding Day


To a photographer in Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area, this is a wonderful place to be located due to the rolling hills and the beautiful horse farms that make up the landscape. The popularity of outdoor wedding ceremonies have contributed to the abundance of pictures that are taken outside that are often more candid in nature than the old fashioned formal portrait style pictures. Adapting to this trend an area photography studio said they are busier than ever during the mild weather months and that September is now the most booked month for outdoor ceremonies that require services. More and more high school students are also having their senior pictures taken outdoors as well. He adds that he is happy to take any kind of pictures but his bread and butter business remains marriage celebrations when a bride is willing to pay eagerly for good pictures that document her big day.

But pictures are not the only things that brides are willing to pay big bucks for on the big day. One of the most in demand businesses that brides enjoy is beauty salons and their many services. In fact, it has become routinely popular for the entire bridal party to book a salon and spa and go in for the entire treatment before the ceremony. A few of the beauty treatments offered are:

o Manicures and pedicures: It is traditional for brides to have a manicure treatment in preparation for their marriage ceremony. Many pictures feature a picture of the bride and groom showing off their rings and prominently display the hopefully dainty and cultured hand of the bride. Pedicures have also taken their place as highly desirable because they beautify toenails and feet and are also thought to be high on the list of relaxing activities for the stressed out bride-to-be.

o Eyebrow shaping: This is a small detail that is clearly a beauty feature that enhances the eyes and gives great definition to the face. Most brides now include this in the list of salon must-haves in preparation for looking their best.

o Hair styling: This has always been the mainstay that draws every bride to the salon before the marriage ceremony in order to be the best she can be before she walks down the aisle. Veils are still very popular and it takes a skilled beautician to truly compliment the entire look of the dress, veil and hair to beautify the bride.

o Massages: What can be better than a full body massage to relax a tense bride-to-be? Massages have become very in demand and are enjoyed by many a prospective bride before her big day.

o Body waxing: This is another luxury that has become quite popular with the younger generation of brides. It leaves one feeling smooth and silky and ready for the skimpiest of bikinis at the beach.

o Facials: Facials are a must for achieving that “glow” that comes from skin that has been given the royal treatment. The gentle cleansing gives your face a softness that cannot be duplicated and provides the bride with a face that is ready to accept the carefully applied make-up for bridal pictures.


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