Summer Wedding Cake Trends


Summer is heating up and so are the hot new cake trends for weddings this season. Here are some popular ways to bring some summer sizzle to your wedding cake.

Mix It Up – Round tiered cakes have long been the standard in the wedding world, but squares and hexagons are making a big impact too. The hot trend for summer  is to mix tier shapes within the same cake. A sweet suggestion is to alternate between square and hexagonal tiers. These little change makes a big impact and a bold statement.

Over-sized Flowers – Brides are always looking for ways to have the center piece of their reception take your breathe away. This summer, over-sized flowers are having a stunning impact. Instead of small flowers accenting each tier, this trend calls for a few large flowers strategically placed on your wedding cake. But brides, beware. Don’t over do the over-sized flowers or your cake might be overshadowed by the decorations.

Silhouettes – A new effect in cake decoration making a dramatic statement is the use of silhouettes. This style allows you to put a unique touch on your cake. You can replicate the design from your wedding invitations, do a simple black outline portrait or repeat a motif found in your other reception decorations. Simple Silhouettes are sure to highlight your cake.

Believable Colors – While you can make a bold statement with bright vivid purples and eye catching blues, the trend for this summer is believable colors. If you are going for a pink color scape for your wedding, have your cake coordinate with the realistic pinks that make up the flowers of your center pieces, rather than a wild outrageous fuchsia.

These hip summer fads are a great way to add some flare to your wedding cake, but remember your cake should be a representation of you, your special day, and most importantly be a delicious way to share some of that joy with your wedding guests. For a uniquely personal touch, don’t forget to select from a variety of fabulous wedding cake toppers!


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