The Perfect Wedding Cake For Your Big Day


The wedding day is very important and great in one’s life, and a wedding cake may be one of the major parts during this wonderful day. It is hard for a bride and groom to make a final decision to choose the right cake for their wedding party, for there may be a lot of ideas when it comes to wedding cakes which are available in different sizes, shapes and flavors and are decorated with toppers, icing and flowers. And I would like to put forward some points I think are very vital for choosing perfect cakes for their weddings.

At first you should make sure the number of people you invited and decide the size of your cake. It is better to have extra cake than to run out.

Then, you had better to meet with your designer to tell him your wedding theme, place, flowers and in this case the designer will get a great idea of your wedding and can go with it. You could also bring some photos of cakes that you like or paint chips from hardware store if you want a specific color about your cake, for the designer would finally get what you want well and make out the cake that suit your taste.

What I think the most important part when decorated the cake is the toppers, there are various types of toppers to choose from, such as crystal wedding cake topper, monogram wedding cake toppers, military wedding cake toppers. Some couples would like to choose the more traditional bride and groom figurine while others would like to decorate their cake with floral or heart sculptures. And here I want to recommend a kind of monogram cake top letters as your wedding cake topper. You could combine the brides first name initial, the couples’ joint last name initial and the groom’s first name initial as your top letters. And the letters could be made from metal or hard plastic in a script of block font or accented with rhinestones. Some are still available in white, silver and gold. Personally I think the letters are meaningful than the figurine or floral and heart sculptures and the combined letters only belong to your couples.

When the wedding cake is finally chosen, let us make some preparations for cutting the cake which is also a special ceremony in the wedding for the guests will gather together for this exciting moment, and thus the couple will cut the cake in presence of their friends, family. Usually the groom’s right hand is put on top of the bride’s hand, and the groom firstly gives the first piece of cake to the bride and then the bride has it by herself.


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