Three Options for Wedding Decorations


It feels good to be in the mix while the decorations for your own wedding are being done. A wedding event should be able to bring joy to everyone. Keep your cool however and do not end up wrecking the plans. Do not over impose yourself onto things that are already running. Select the not to complex backdrops and let these be the foundation that the rest of the backdrops will be built upon. You will better think about having an event that twill be full of fun and make sure that the memory sticks well. When you are choosing the items for the decoration, you will at first feel intimidated. It is very possible to have a great wedding without burning yourself out financially.

Why don’t you try these three options when selecting decoration?

A brilliant idea that you should try is to display a wedding tree. This is basically a small tree that is placed as a centerpiece in the wedding venue and will have other decorations around it. The tree is normally spray-painted with a color that compliments the selected wedding color scheme. It will be about four feet high because it is simply a medium sized branch that was cut out of a big tree. It is a good idea for some central place where the guests can collect all their messages of goodwill.

Include lights to decorate the tree. The venue will also look good with lights around it. Candles can be sued in this case or just make use of the Christmas rope lights. These ideas will help you create dramatic ambience out of almost nothing. The sort of lights used here will probably cost you very little compared to their effect. For example, Christmas lights can always be used for other season celebrations. Decoration can further be done by the use of photographs of the couple. Have photographs of those outings you had together to evoke the fun feeling. Your parents’ pictures are also a welcome idea. Save the bigger portraits of yourselves for the entrance of the venue. That is a visible location for them.

For your reception, have a wedding backdrop of some kind. Choose a suitable column and have flowers and balloons placed around the column. Arches will also do well in this case. With just a little creativity, a wedding preparation can transform from a strenuous activity to one that is filled with joyous moments. Thinking outside the box is therefore the determining factor. This is what a stress free wedding is all about.


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