Wedding Cake Solutions

Close-up of figurine couple on wedding cake

Your wedding cake will be the main attraction at your reception. Everyone wants a beautiful wedding cake but simply can’t afford the expense. Since wedding cakes cost approximately $400- $800.00, this is an instant negative when searching for a low cost cake. How, you ask yourself, can I find a great but inexpensive cake? Here are some low- cost options:

  • Ask for a recommendation from a friend or relative. You can find out where they purchased their wedding cake and the cost so that you can estimate this in your budget. Also, if you have a friend or a relative who are renowned for their cooking skills, find out if they can bake a cake for you. As an incentive, you can sweeten the deal by suggesting that this can be their wedding gift to you.
  • Visit bakeries in your town that are not too popular. You can receive great deals going this route. Key note: Don’t say that the cake is for a wedding, vendors see green when the word “wedding” pops up and the price automatically increases. You can say that the cake is for a family function or event, such as a anniversary or birthday party. See what estimates the baker provides for you.
  • Search the internet. Most bakeries have websites with a price list included on their web page. You can also do a search to find testimonies regarding the services of said bakery. This way, you can get an honest review from others who have purchased their cakes.
  • Cheat. OK, it sounds terrible but if you are really on a restricted budget and want the “appearance” of a fancy cake, you can have a dummy wedding cake for the Reception and serve your guests a sheet cake with the same colors as the dummy cake. designs faux cakes for rent for prices between $175.00-$275.00. Your guests will never know the difference and it will be your little secret (wink, wink). Check your local grocery stores for bakery selections.


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