Wedding Makeup From Beauty Salons


Bridal party makeup should be planned after everything else. If you really want to look your best, then your makeup should be coordinated with your dress, the flowers, lighting and other design aspects of the wedding chapel. Think about what you are wearing and the styling choices from a photography standpoint as well. Some colors just don’t show up well together on film. If you are dead set on a particular scheme, try using accents like scarves or jewelry to accessorize.

To really get it down, before the wedding, take pictures in the venue with the colors that will be there. Dark colors show up well if paired with say a white flower basket. To keep your skin radiant, don’t punish it in the week of the wedding. Denver hair salons may advise spray tanning instead of sun tanning. Check the coat beforehand to see how it looks. Sun damages skin after extended exposure. Try to stay with a regimen you trust instead of experimenting with new cosmetics. You do not want to realize that you are allergic to x cosmetic at the last minute. Powerful scrubs and exfoliating treatments should also be avoided.

To eliminate chapped lips, start applying Vaseline a month before the wedding. Sugar and water are also very good at moisturizing skin and lips. You do not need any expensive cosmetics, but check Denver hair salons to see if they have any recommendations for your skin. Always pencil line your lips to help keep the lipstick from bleeding. Heat, kissing family, toasts and other unknown bridal happenings have a tendency to smear lipstick. You can use a light lip color with a clear gloss to bring an illusion of large full lips. Dark colors tend to minimize lips.

For those who wear eye wear, remember that lenses change the size of your eyes. Near sighted glasses make your eyes smaller while far sighted ones are like magnifying glasses. Do your eye makeup with the stylist at a Denver hair salon so they can help you balance out the effect of glasses. Remember that even if your eyes look a little dramatic in person, they will probably show up well in photographs. This is the reason for stage makeup. The only thing you should avoid is sparkly makeup because it can reflect too much light from camera flashes. If your Denver salon stylist is not available the day of the wedding, you will need to have a wedding day makeup kit. Some staples are tissues and cotton balls, concealer, eye shadow, pencil and clear lip gloss. You can also bring a bridal party wedding emergency kit with everything you could possibly need in an emergency.


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